The benefits of halotherapy

No more suffering from stuck mucus, sneezing, inflammations in your throat or sinuses, just by breathing in ‘good air’. It sounds almost too good to be true. Were it not that Leo Huibers, owner of Maytec Nederland and the creator behind the solution, is an expert by experience. He discovered Wolly by chance and has always felt well since then.

Would you like to try halotherapy at home? Contact us and experience the health benefits of our salt therapy generators.

Maytec Nederland Halotherapie

Are you curious if halotherapy can provide relief for your health problems at home? Halotherapy is used, among other things, in:




Respiratory allergies





Cystric Fibrosis

Sinus infection

Dissolving mucus in lungs

Skin cleansing (s.a. pimples)

We have now collected the data of many of our users. Everyone is positively undivided, including those who initially had a sceptical attitude. The improvements we hear most are: I can breathe better, my headache disappears, I can sleep better and I don’t need medication anymore. Maytec Netherlands is happy that we have already helped many people and that they feel much healthier again! Are you curious what halotherapy can do for you? Contact us!