Buy halo generator? Halotherapy at home

Enjoying the salt room effect in your own home? Or are you looking for a natural product to improve the health of your horse or pet? Maytec Netherlands makes it possible! We currently offer two halotherapy products. These are the "Wolly" and "WHR". At the bottom of this page are the prices of our products described.

Prices halo generator

What is good news is that health insurers are now also deepening in salt chamber therapy. Wolly and the WHR may also be partially reimbursed in the future, which may result in lower costs.

Would you like to try halotherapy for a month? For Wolly is also an option for rental purchase. Want to know more? Contact us.


Halo generator "Wolly"

(For halotherapy in dry rooms)

The Wolly halo generator comes complete with a starter pack that includes:

  • Pyrex scale
  • Spatula
  • Liquid 2.5 litres (sufficient for approximately 100 treatments, at least 3 months, depending on the useful life at a time)
  • Electronic timer.


Halotherapy halo generator "Wolly" (rental purchase)

Includes 1x mixing fluid ad 2.5 litres

€397.50 deposit

€ 39.75 per term (total 10 installments)       

Would you like to rent the halo generator "Wolly" for home halo therapy? Ask us about the possibilities.

Maytec Halo Generator WHR 1.5

(For salt therapy in moisture insensitive spaces)

Including Liquid 2.5 L


Rent & Hire purchase "WHR 1.5" (NOT POSSIBLE)


Sold separately

Liquid 2.5 litres. This quantity is good for altogether 10 litres mixture.

Minerals – Crystals only needed at "Wolly" 1.5 liters.

All prices listed do not include shipping costs. For questions about the duration of treatment, the intensity and the application of the minerals and crystals, we are happy to help you with our experience. We can also advise you on the choice of the device and on the optimal positioning on location. Feel free to contact us.