How it works

How it works

Halotherapie has existed for a long time but still has little fame in the Netherlands. In a so-called salt chamber, patients breathe air mixed with salt minerals. Halotherapy helps people with skin problems, allergies or problems to the respiratory tract. Examples include asthma, COPD, hay fever, eczema, psoriasis, bronchitis, laryngitis, cystric fibrosis, sinus inflammation and mucus in the lungs.

We all want a healthier life, but it is not always possible to carry out treatments outside the door. Maytec Nederland offers the convenience of mobile halo therapy generators. This allows you to experience the benefits of halotherapy in the comfortable environment of your own home. Salt therapy in your own home for all residents!

How Wolly Works

The Wolly device uses 100% natural crystals with the highest purity (level 10 at a scale of 1 to 10). These crystals are added to the device and air is then sucked over the crystals. In this way the air is purified. Dust particles – which are collected in regular systems by a filter – remain behind the crystals.

Wolly then distributes the purified air to which the appliance adds microscopic, pre-processed mineral particles. After six to twelve weeks, the crystals must be washed with hot water, then they can be used again. The Wolly cabinet can simply be put in your living room or bedroom. A few hours in the vicinity of the device, is already enough to mark effects.

How the WHR works

Unlike Wolly, the WHR is intended for wet areas and has a slat system where the air is sucked and blown in the form of fine mist. This WHR is ideal for use before a shower or bath and works very fast. A person must be at the same height as the vapour that leaves the appliance with the place to be treated. One to three minutes to breathe the cold air through nose and mouth is sufficient. When using against specific skin problems, five or six minutes are sufficient. At the WHR device, people often notice the positive effect directly. After a few treatments, results are generally already booked.