Effects of Halotherapy

It may take seven to twenty-eight days for the effects of the operation to be observed. It differs enormously; Some people experience the beneficent effect within a few hours. The purified air of the halotherapy has a positive effect on all sorts of complaints. Stuck mucus is dissolved and leaves the body in a natural way, inflammations, dissolving colds, ears go open again, people experience extra air and have more energy. The results do not lie. We get a lot of positive response from users. One of the most beautiful descriptions was that the device had returned the quality of life. We’ll do it for you!

Luca can do sports again!
“Luca was short of breath, asthmatic and sat on the antibiotics. Sports did not succeed him anymore. After using Wolly for a few weeks, Luca was suddenly able to play sports again. He has gotten extra air and energy. And we have no more cost to include the cough drinks and medicines he had. He was even off the antibiotics again, “says Ria Donkersteeg, the mother of Luca.

The story of Hans
Hans de Kruijf from Veenendaal has been suffering from chronic forehead cavity inflammation for many years and also has an allergy to pollen. “I have seen a lot of doctors for my anxiety and cold complaints. Where I really benefited, was the salt room. The clean air purged my lungs and cavities. The only disadvantage of this is that after working or on weekends I can only go there and plan the visit well. ” After reading an article about the Halo generator of Maytec Nederland, he decided to contact us directly. “Leo Huibers showed me how it works and how I can get the best results. Previously I was actually always cold, got regular antibiotic cures and had puffs from the ENT doctor. Nothing more of all that now I follow the halo therapy. I’m blazing excited! “

The story of Eliza
“For years I suffered from COPD complaints and cough complaints. Another problem was retaining moisture. A lot of times I was stuffy. It took a lot of energy. Like many people, I used a variety of medications. From puffs to other medications, but it didn’t help me much. My children also had a common cold. Ever since I run the Wolly generator at night, my symptoms have gone. In fact, I don’t cough anymore and the cold’s gone. It makes me sleep better and have more energy. My children haven’t been sick either. Our quality of life has improved greatly.”

Astrid’s story
“I’ve been an asthma patient my whole life. I’ve been stuffy for much of the year. Like many asthmatics, I use a lot of medication, such as prednisone. Prednisone is a drug that temporarily helps to relieve my symptoms, but that in the long run is not good for your body. I’ve tried everything to fix my asthma symptoms. From acupuncture, bioresonance therapy to homeopathy. No good result. Until I got in touch with Leo and his company Maytec Nederland at the end of last year. I rented the “Wolly” generator for a month and that helped almost instantly. I use it every day during my sleep. As a result, I use less medication and my condition and resistance is also better. I’m very happy with it!”