De wolly halogenerator

Salt therapy at home

Do you suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis or hay fever? Or hinder skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis your health? Maytec Nederland offers the solution with halotherapy. Enjoy the benefits of a salt room in your own home!

Halotherapy, better known as saline therapy, is a natural and drug free therapy that helps against many air and skin conditions. Leo Huibers, self-asthmatic, worked for years on a solution. He found these in the wolly halo generator he patented. Later the halo generator WHR was developed. This halo generator is the solution for people with skin problems and allows you to get halotherapy at home. No more visits to the salt room, but enjoy the benefits of halotherapy in your own comfortable home!

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Benefits of halotherapy

Salt therapy offers the solution to many health problems. Learn about the benefits to your health and hear experience stories from satisfied users.

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Cost of halotherapy at home

Are you curious about the different salt therapy devices we offer and the prices of halotherapy at home? Read more about the halo generator cost here.

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Halotherapy for horses

Did you know that halotherapy is also very suitable for treating horses or your small pet? They also benefit from the benefits that halotherapy offers.

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Maytec Netherlands

provides the solution

for various airway and skin problems

  • Air filtration in a natural way
  • Extra Air and Energy
  • Solves colds
  • Ears Open again
  • Can be used in your own home

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