Founding Maytec Nederland

Halotherapy in your own home

Maytec Nederland is the company behind the Wolly and the WHR halo devices. At the helm is entrepreneur Leo Huibers. Leo is an entrepreneur in heart and soul. In 2016 He founded Maytec Nederland, after he found a solution for his asthmatic complaints and skin complaints using crystals.

Leo has been asthmatic since his childhood. On a business trip, some forty years ago, he heard a story about the workings of minerals in an Eastern European country. The miners in these mineral mines noticed that an exceptionally low percentage fell ill. Studies from that time indicated that people could live healthier and longer.

Leo: “When I heard about the beneficial effects of the salt minerals, I became aware of it. I have developed a device – a halo generator – that allows the minerals to do their job in the comfort of your own home. You can decide when”.

Leo, who already had experience with crystals in the scents world, decided to delve into the matter and when we make a few jumps forward in time, there is Wolly: a box that works on the basis of natural crystals and liquids, and which the air in a space.

Nevertheless, I notice the effect mainly through the positive experiences of my clientele. after a few sessions, the first results are already noticeable. People are better protected against infections

Leo Huibers

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